Monday, December 19, 2011



Such a long time since I wrote and I haven't written about Korea or Slovenia... I will but thought you'd like this little update.

Phil arrived safely back in UK on Friday afternoon, he will be home for 3 weeks and is then off travelling in S America, probably about 6 months then home for a bit and a possible return to Korea.

In fact, Friday 17th was such a lovely day - Bridgie and Tim have both had temporary jobs..
... first Tim heard he has got a job with Hy-pro a sports franchising company in Dunsatble. He has a few weeks trial and then if all goes well it will be permanent.

Within 15 minutes Bridgie received a phonecall from the CEO of a company (in Manchester) who she had contacted and had had an interview with the previous week... and they offered her a job too!

So we were almost walking on air!
Bridgie is now flat hunting; Tim will stay here for a bit longer; they both start at the beginning of January - can't think of a better Christmas present for them!

keith and I are fine, Meriel came down on Sunday so we now have a house full!

All for the moment...


  1. Well, happy Christmas to all! That >is< good news all round.

    But we do want to hear (and see) about your travels!

  2. Congratulations to Tim and Bridgie. Have a lovely christmas, all together again.

    Looking forward to some pics Ruth of your trips away.

    Love Jeannie