Monday, February 14, 2011


Snowdon from Dinorwic
(The tiny little pyramid to the right of the main mass is actually the summit.)

I know it's been a while...

I've just got back from two weeks away. The first week was with a school on an activity week near Llanberis. We had almost 60 youngsters, 12-13yr olds, and it was amazing.
Stretched in every way... the highlight for me was going into a slate mine and having to use ropes etc to move along and between levels - it was fantastic! We also climbed Tryfan by the North Ridge in very strong winds... it was extremely challenging!

View from Tryfan-about half way up.

The weather was windy and wet mostly but it didn't really stop anything - the activites were adapted to it! A brilliant week but exhausting.

From there I went down to South Wales to the Gower and stayed at Caswell for the week. It was wonderful - you know I love this place :-) are some pics... I didn't go out a lot as I was so tired... but it's such a place that you don't really need to! This is looking through the window on the first morning I was there...
and there was a gentle sunset in the middle of the week...
I did make a little rock pile after Andy Goldsworthy... but did lots of reading and sorting of things on my laptop.
I'm now resting up for the final leg of The Walk... I'll try and write up the rest of it first... watch this space!
Keith has just got back from a three week trip to Ethiopia... I'm hoping he'll share some pictures with me because he had an amazing visit to the Mursi people... so definitely watch this space.


  1. Whoa! Sounds like a demanding time in Snowdonia. A well-deserved rest on the Gower too.

    Looking forward to hearing all the stories in a few weeks.

  2. Anonymous Meriel says
    Lovely evocative views of Caswell and what a sunset!