Monday, August 1, 2011

Bridgie's Graduation

:-) :-) :-)

Friday 15th July saw us setting off early to Manchester for Bridgie's Graduation... I thought you'd like a few pics :-)

Needless to say she looked gorgeous... our only disappointment was that Meriel wasn't able to join us as she was cruising the Norway coast..

Still... we entered into the spirit of it!

How embarrassing can parents be?!

Tim and Bridgie both have temporary jobs at the moment, Tim with a Highways Agency doing admin work, and Bridgie with Unilever - an office role as well. Both are glad to be in employment!

Bridgie and I are going out to see Phil in mid September for two weeks... we're really looking forward to that - Keith will be back in Addis then...


  1. Hurrah for Bridgie! (And proud parents too)

    And good to hear that Tim has some work.

    You couldn't just pop down to Tasmania from Korea, I suppose?

  2. Hurrah for Bridgie!!!
    You gorgeous girl, what lovely photos.
    It's a little strange to come to the end of study after so long, or at least I found that. But it's good that there's exciting things to look forward too like visiting Phil (you lucky things!!)
    Can't wait to hear about the trip.
    We miss you all very much,
    Jose, Jac and Marty Cakes

  3. Anonymous Meriel said
    How I wish I'd been there. I kept thinking about you all whilst sailing through the 2nd largest fiord in Europe. Bridgie looked gorgeous.

    Anonymous Meriel