Sunday, January 2, 2011

Salcombe to Start Point (11th Oct)

I'm going to whisk you back to the coast for some more of the walk... we woke up to another beautiful day with blue skies and a strong easterly wind. Roger kindly drove us in to Salcombe so that we could catch the ferry across the river to East portlemouth to begin the next section.
The River at Salcombe

I was feeling very snuffly... I think this may be the reason...

when I came back upstairs after breakfast... the cat had disappeared... he was actually the lump under the duvet... As the day went on, my snuffles disappeared...

Today's walk took us along the coast as far as Start Point. I shall let the pictures speak for themselves - it was a glorious day.
Looking towards Prawle Point

Looking back at Gammon Head and beyond to Bolt Head

Looking onwards from Prawle point towards Start Point - lovely bit of raised beach!

Lannacombe Beach

The Pinnacles - "isolated stacks of glacial head on schist bases" :-)

Start Point
The Ridged back of Start Point

The View Beyond Start Point

So Far So Good - just look at those miles!

A final look back at Start Point

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  1. More lovely stuff from parts of the coast that I have never visited.

    Overall you did pretty well with the weather.