Monday, July 8, 2013

7th July

Watching tour on my laptop - it was brilliant today through the Pyrenees!! Glorious day with all windows and doors open letting the warm air in :-)
 I walked down to Cape about 3ish... and there were so many folk enjoying the sea... and the little swimming pool in the rocks which is inundated by the waves :-)

Busy seal...
..and as I arrived back Murray was serving for the match!
beautiful sun :-)


  1. The Tour has been great! We record the live overnight broadcast and watch it the following evening, but we had visitors on Sunday night, so last night we had to condense some eight hours of Tour into a single evening. Sorry to see Tasmania's Ritchie Porte having such a bad day, however.

    1. Yes- I thought he was getting back to the peleton but they were mean! One of the most exciting/dramatic/tactical days racing I've seen :-)