Monday, June 10, 2013

3.57 in the morning! Looking out of Gill's bathroom window!
 Gill wasn't working today and we met up with Hilary and went for lunch together at Cafe Brio in Olney - a very nice place to have lunch! I chose a pizza but when I saw the mozzarella and all sorts salad, (including dough balls) I felt I'd made a poor selection. The pizza was lovely but theirs looked spectacular!
Afterwards I went to pick up a dehumidifier from Hil's  and whilst I was there we looked at her garden - well her and Peter's garden. It is stunning! All of the wildflowers Peter has grown from seed - often from seed heads they've collected. It really is a lovely, peaceful garden (for those that know - next door to where we stayed when we had to move out for Heron House to be underpinned). 
Hilary and Peter's Haven!
 Gill had gone out ballroom dancing (!) and when she got back she introduced me to game which I felt needed alcohol to complete it! What do you think?

 Basically, you construct a 3 D pyramid of these little plastic glasses - on the top is balanced a red one. The ides of the game is to remove one glass at a time without toppling the red glass... a rather up market (?) version of the wooden blocks game.
Precariously balanced glasses

But wouldn't it be fun with something IN them!
I have to concede ... experience won out and I was the loser each time... I kept hinting about filling them with fizz but to no avail... that'll have to be another time!
It had been another lovely day in the company of lovely friends!


  1. To make it even more fun; try doing it with real glass wine glasses. It can be real fun (and expensive!!!)

    1. you to up the stakes!!! I'll give it a go if you pay for the broken glasses and bubbly!!! :-) xx