Thursday, May 9, 2013

Will blog properly soon - but soooo tired!!

The cottage is so lovely - even better than I remembered. The locla hotel have let me come and use their internet... I'll try and pop down tomorrow for longer and upload some pics... but it is lovely :-)
I was really pleased that Keith liked it so much too :-)
About to go home and tuck into my chicken in red wine slow cooked tea :-)



  1. Enjoy the chicken. We did ours with a Moroccan recipe in our new tagging! Come and try it any time.

  2. Tagine! Darn predictive text!

  3. So glad the cottage is better than expected. Nasty damp day there today, there are quite a few web cams about. xx

  4. Hurrah!!
    Can't wait for more photos,
    We love you,
    Jose, Jac and Marty