Sunday, April 28, 2013


So glad you mentioned blue hedgehog Josie, otherwise I may have left blue tortoise by mistake... he is now safely hibernating among my boxes :-) and will hide inside one as soon as he has dried out a little (it rained/hailed yesterday!)
Blue tortoise among the boxes!
I think I know where he will go when I get there :-) This is looking out of my back door...

Faces south... I think tortoise will find a happy place here!
Main Bedroom
I'm going to turn the bed so that when I sit up in the morning with a cup of tea I will be looking through the window this way... over the rooftops of the town and perhaps a glimpse of the sea :-)

Oh and Jeannie, I have found some pocket silva binoculars which will be far more use than the big old Carvoza Rd ones... so I will  take them instead... I'm wondering if you gave them to Phil as a present once?


  1. Back yard looks lovely, Ruthie. Fine habitat for a blue tortoise!

  2. I do like the deep window sill, it looks lovely. Your back garden will be nice and warm, you can have pots for your herbs and vegetables. xx