Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas chill!

Happy Christmas!

I thought you might enjoy some recent pics...
we have had very cold weather with some wonderful frosts...

and then, yesterday afternoon, about 4 inches of snow fell in about an hour! Tim, Bridgie and Keith went out in the dark to go sledging and are out in it now!
Fav GG is decorating our tree... we've had real fires to cheer our room... it's been lovely.


  1. Oh my!!!
    So much snow, I loved the photo of the footprints and the thought of them off sledding while Fav GG was warm and snug inside!
    Wish we could be there, not sure what Marty would make of snow but usually when he really likes something he puts his face right in it! Always happens with water and he did the same with the finger painting paint the other day!
    Happy Christmas to our dear Heron House family!
    Jose, Jac and Roo

  2. Oh gosh Ruthie it looks so pretty!! Well, and cold too but pretty wins. Those trees!

    Please pass on out Christmas wishes to all the Heron House family. I wish we could be there but I'm glad we scored the sunny winter (although getting stranded at your place isn't a bad proposition at all)

    Thanks for posting.

    <3 Jac

  3. I bet there are robins and holly and stagecoaches everywhere. A "Seasonal" Christmas! Good fun if you are warm and have plenty to eat and drink. Enjoy it and we'll spare a thought for you when we are at the beach (might even watch the cricket!)