Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revelstoke Drive Sun 10th Oct

A rest day today :-)

After the usual lovely breakfast, we set off for a gentle stroll around Revelstoke Drive...
..the bit that we had missed the other day. It was lovely. We walked in a clockwise direction around the headland; passed by the ferryman's cottage with its restored sign...
an expensive ass...
and ended up back in Noss Mayo, at The Ship.
When the tide drops it is possible to walk across the river... we crossed one causeway to the other side of Noss but it was very slippy.
Looking across to Newton Ferrers
It is possible to walk across to Newton Ferrers but we decided a broken wrist or pulled muscle from a careless slip was not worth it... maybe another time! We returned to Jane and Roger who were hosting a bbq for all the B&B proprieters in the Noss, and they asked us to join them. J and R have a great knack for making you feel part of their family, there home is a real haven, we spent the remainder of the day in their restful company.


  1. Anonymous Meriel says

    Exciting stuff!Glad you thought twice about the treacherous sands.

  2. if you're anything like your daughter you would've fallen over!