Monday, November 8, 2010

Hope Cove to Salcombe Oct 9th

Saturday morning dawned damp, grey and windy. After our usual sturdy breakfast we paid our bill at the main hotel and set off. There was a huge sea running with massive waves crashing on the beach and surfers already out there. Waves crashed over the little breakwater too.

This is a fascinating place and one I'd like to revisit although I think it would be a nightmare in the summer.

There are some quaint cottages at Outer Hope and are more gorgeous thatched cottages round the square in Inner Hope. From here we wound our way up on to Bolt Tail. It was very blustery and distant views were not an option but I loved it!

Looking back at Outer Hope
Like our day on the Lizard, it was atmospheric to say the least. The wind was so strong but I managed to keep the camera still for this wonderful specimen!
Parasol Mushroom (I hope that's right Big A?!)

We used the walking poles on this walk to give us some stability in the wind... they definitely helped!

Soar Mill was an amazing spot, this gatepost was once piece of driftwood washed up on the shore, it
has the inscription "Certified to accommodate 4 seaman" incised in a flowing script.

The scenery became even more dramatic, this is a stunning area, and with a big swell running and the stormy weather it was brilliant!
The path took us around Bolt Head to Starehole Bay. The path could be seen clinging to the side of the cliff around Sharp Tor. This path is the Courtenay Walk... you guessed it, cut into the rock by a member of the Courtenay family to give access to Bolt Head.

Amazing! From here it was a gentle stroll into Salcombe
where we caught the bus to Kingsbridge where found our usual lovely cafe! The bus took us on again to Yealmpton, and rather than wait for ages for another bus we decided to walk back to Noss Mayo from there. We found a beautiful path next to a flowing river,
walked deserted narrow lanes,
crossed someone's garden...
(these were apparently a birthday present!) and then along the 'main' road back to Noss where we stopped at the pub for a hot chocolate. It was lovely ot be back with Roger and Jane, we realy did feel part of their family, we had a warm welcome 'home', I had been so looking forward to returning there.


  1. Well, it's a mushroom, and it looks like a parasol.......

    But I wouldn't eat it if I were you.

    Those wild days are great when you have the prospect of being home, dry and well-fed in the evening!

  2. What a magical time!
    Really I don't know what else to say, thank you for letting us vicariously share in it!!!