Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bigbury to Hope Cove Oct 8th

After a good sleep and a nice breakfast Val dropped us off at the start of todays path.
This took us across fields and around to the bridging point of the River Aune, very like walking along by Malpas and St Clements
but to get there we had to walk along a tidal road...
the only one in England (?) ...very exciting! We caught it just as the tide was going down and and only had an inch to walk through - it reminded us of the road near Ruan.

Val had told us that cars were regularly swept away here... an especially tricky drive at night!
The path then took us along old roads and across more fields to the estuary mouth at Bantham with surfers riding the waves and lovely views across to Bigbury. We stopped here for lunch ... fruit cake and cheddar... yum!
An Addendum for yesterday...
when the tide is in, you need the sea tractor to get across to Burgh Island from Bigbury!
We found today's walk a pleasant one but not quite as inspiring as many of our other days have been. We did walk alongside a golf course which I appreciated, and these rocks,
Thurlestone Rocks, were interesting, but our end point Hope Cove was delightful. We enjoyed a lovely cream tea, later had a warming soup in front of a roaring fire in the local pub, and watched surfers ride huge waves and then a lovely sun set.

Not sure if this has worked but a little video of the surfers and sea lovers amongst you! These waves were huge!


  1. Another post 0_o

    Those waves look like fun but I'm not sure I'd want to surf right next to that giant rock...

    The 'sea tractor' is terribly cute!!

  2. We watched Poirot just last night, filmed on Burgh Island! I think old Agatha stayed there and used it as a location for more than one story. Did you spot any corpses?