Thursday, November 12, 2015

Logan Rock

After the wonderful walk on Treen Cliffs I returned on the Monday for another walk, this time to Logan Rock. 
I parked in the car park at Treen (which is now not charging) and walked across the open fields to the cliffs. It was extremely windy and at times it was a real battle. My foot is so much better now that I hardly notice it. The tips of two toes are a bit tingly but that is all - no pain.
I took a flask of coffee with me and sat in the shelter of the headland watching a seal and the birds on the rocks.
Below are some pictures from this walk...


  1. Lovely pics. What did you do to your foot? Jeannie

    1. My foot... morton's neuroma probably. Was agonising and at its worst when I went up to Bedford for Tim's leg op. It's free of pain now for which I am very grateful xx