Friday, November 6, 2015

A strange week

This week has felt odd - you know how it is when it feels like the 'wrong' day. It began with the Feast celebrations on the Sunday. Monday was like a Sunday too because that is also Feast and schools in St Just are closed. The Pendeen Silver band played outside the Coop and crowds gathered. 

Talking to some local folk this is a lot smaller than it used to be. Feast is the official day for marking the 'birthday' of the church - that is when it was re-dedicated by the Bishop of Exeter in 1336.
The Western Hunt also meet and they rode in and then out onto the hills with their hounds. 
This definitely did not feel like a Monday!

Mary was still here and we visited Treen Cliff in the afternoon - it was simply glorious.
The rest of the week has been one day out - today feels like a Thursday. However, I got up at 5am this morning to make sure I caught the One Show Rickshaw Challenge to raise money for Children in Need.
 I walked around the Carn on the road, ( I didn't risk going over the Carn in the dark) and waited on the corner at the top of the hill that goes down to the community farm and Kelynack. The weather was very blustery and wet but fortunately very mild. I stood on the corner for about 10 minutes then spotted a light through the mist across the valley.
The light was moving very slowly and gradually got bigger..

 There were police outriders and support cars and then 16 year old Lucy on the Rickshaw... she had just cycled up our steep hill and was doing amazingly :-) Meet Lucy

I followed them up around the corner and then they were on their way to Penzance.


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