Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gales and rain have made the last few days one for staying inside! Not all the time of course, I've enjoyed reading several books, My Cousin Rachel was one; and today The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time. I went with a friend to see a National Theatre Production of it in Truro during the summer and it was amazing. I'm glad I've read the book now too.
 Today I walked down to collect my paper and decided to head on down to Cape. I expected quite a big sea to be running because we've had strong winds for several days. It was rough but not as big as I expected. The amazing thing is how mild it has been. I took these pictures at Carn Gloose on the way home - I love the pools of sunlight.

On a more mundane note... I have a leak in my shower which drips through into my kitchen :-( I tested various parts of it today and think I have to renew some grouting. Hopefully I can do it myself... but not a skill presently in my armoury!  
And finally... hello Francie, it is nice to think that you read this too... 

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