Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sunrise on a special day?

St Michael's mount just visible.
Today dawned with a beautiful sunrise... I had two properties to visit and then hoped to be going back to the one in St Just that captured me on that first visit.
The first two were not contenders although the second would make a lovely place for someone in their twenties and who had time and energy to do it up.

I hastened over to St Just to return to the shop on Fore St; currently used as an Art shop and studio called Turn of the Tide. Gabrielle and Tom made me welcome and Gabrielle showed me round... starting at the top of the house like I did before... 
 This is the attic room which they have made... it has a couple of roof windows plus this dormer that looks westwards.. 
 The sea is just visible in the far, far distance... 

 And this is the garden from that high vantage point :-)

Stairs to/from the attic
Main bedroom... and below, the second bedroom...

this is the landing between floors..
and below is the kitchen....

 ..which is also dining room at other end... room...
 the garden from the conservatory ..

 Back of the house... and below the shop!

... well... I fell in love with it ...there are things that need doing to it... like the kitchen... but it is special ... I have made an offer and have had it accepted!  So, all being well ... :-)

Great news too is that Keith found a flat he also loved, in Bath, and had his offer accepted yesterday...:-)

We are now hoping that everything works well and together... so far so good.


  1. Oh Ruthie, that is fantastic! I love the look of the house, feels very you. Is the garden shared? I love it!!

    Can't wait to go through the photos in more detail with Jo and Marty. Congratulations and much love!!

    1. No... garden not shared... but walled and safe for a little one to play in when you visit! x

  2. Oooooh! We've been there in Street View and also on the Stratton Creber website. Looks fantastic! Well done you.

  3. Congratulations, it looks lovely. Can just imagine you getting settled there. Just enough garden to keep you busy but not overwhelmed. Glad it has a second bedroom! See you sometime! Enjoy.

    Love Jeannie

    1. Thank you - very excited - almost can't believe it... second bedroom and an attic for the young and fit!!! Tim bussed to Penzance then we visited it together... :-) also discovered wonderful book cum coffee shop that I think you'd love - called The Cook Book! You can find it on line - lovely people xx

  4. Wow it really looks lovely and I love the St Just area!!! Glad everything seems to be working out so beautifully!!

    1. Keeping fingers crossed - many hurdles to negotiate before all done but am very content - as is Keith. Think I shall reserve one calendar for writing in when you're all coming to stay! :-)