Sunday, March 3, 2013

This was an unearthly hour to be out...
... today was part two of the Captain's handover process and it meant crawling out of bed at 6.15.  I say crawling because I hadn't slept much during the night - about 3 hours worth so waking up was hard!

The reason for the disturbed sleep was excitement/anxiety/anticipation because Keith and I had received a second and improved offer on the house the evening before and we had responded with a counter-suggestion, so we were waiting with bated breath.

I had to be up at golf at 7am because it was the New Captains' Drive In. This is the one where the new Captains are welcomed by buckets full of water (this time not from the pond!). After the drenching of Jean and Colin everyone  headed out to a different hole where they were starting and waited for the rocket to be sent up to start us off. 

My group started on the 14th hole and by the time I got to the 18th was ready for a bacon bap - a treat from my fellow Past-Captain. It was bitterly cold playing and fairly slow as so many folk were involved. The house/offer situation kept me on tenterhooks, so I could be seen checking my phone frequently (a banned activity on a golf course!). The golf didn't suffer too much initially - but when Keith's text arrived to say we'd agreed a price... (after the 11th hole we played) ... then I lost all focus and standard of golf nose dived! It was exciting and a relief ... well you can imagine... Golf took second place after that, my playing partners had to keep hold of me because I was in danger of floating away!

So, another step forward... finding new homes is the next one :-)

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