Thursday, March 7, 2013

...I have a sunrise... just that it's not accessible at moment and internet in B n B is a bit shaky so ... here is a field of daffodils I passed on the way home after viewing 5 houses in st Just... none had quite the impact of the very first one I saw... can't wait to go back and see if I still feel the same...'s that sunrise!

Morning view from my B & B window

 It was pouring with rain and I had an early phonecall from Ros, the Lady Captain at Cape, to say that the ladies probably wouldn't be playing in the rain but would be there for coffee - so I went and had a lovely time gleaning as much information as I could from this lovely group of ladies.

 I walked down to Priests cove... this is looking across the course... the dark brown area in the middle left is a sunken orchard - or it was - the golf club are in the process of clearing it out...

This one is specially for Alastair... 

The rocks in the distance are known as The Brisons;  the info board says... that on certain occasions they look like Charles de Gaulle in the bath! (ok... a sloping bath!!!)

After spending the morning with the ladies and walking, I visited 3 properties... will tell more... but not yet... really liked one and am going back on Sunday afternoon to ask some questions. :-)
Keith has had a successful trip and seen two apartments he likes... :-)


  1. Hope you find what you are looking for. Rent or buy? We are at BH and it is lovely. Come on over.
    Love Jeannie

  2. Glad to see that you have the technology to put things right!

    Sea perfectly level here.