Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mothering Sunday

No pretty sunrise this morning but a fierce south-easterly wind blowing, bitterly cold! 
The breakfasts at this lovely B n B  (Chy an Mor) in Penzance have been delicious and so beautifully presented :-)

Tim came down on the bus today - I met him at 11.30... and we went over to St Just to look at the house. But first we needed some sustenance so visited a coffee shop called The Cook Book. I had read about it on line but it exceeded my expectations. Phillipa  took our order (they do lovely soups!) and I explained that I was hoping to buy Gabrielle and Tom's house... and the welcome was so warm. She came and sat with us and we chatted about all sorts... it's a second hand book shop and cafe with a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Apparently, Gabrielle and Tom had gone in to see them yesterday for a celebratory cup of tea as they were so pleased about their sale :-)

Tim and I then went down to the Cape for a walk,  returning rather windswept to look at the house. We had a cup of tea with G and T and discovered an interesting connection. Carvoza Road was sold to the cousin of Tom's father. Tim had recognised Tom's surname. We had a lovely long chat with them, Tom used to teach art and Gabrielle is a counsellor - both are artists and practising buddhists. Very gentle people, they've lived there for 27 years but now want to move further up Cornwall - probably St Columb way so Tim was able to talk about the area.
I dropped Tim back in Cubert and when I got back to Penzance the high tide, strong easterly and tilt of the sea meant the promenade was getting wet.. all my fault I expect... blooming sloping sea!

It is  hard to believe that I can have such a lovely place to live...

I'm driving back to Pavenham tomorrow - the forecast for the Southwest is snow... and snow showers for the rest of day so I'm hoping it is not too bad!

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