Monday, September 14, 2009

An hour on the Gower!

Well it was more than an hour but I couldn't resisit Big A's assonance?!

We had very mixed weather while we were staying at the flat, an awful lot of heavy rain showers raced through on a blustery wind, but we did get a couple of nice days.

This was typical - looking out, to see a rain shower rushing up the channel!

A shower on the Gower!

The strong winds also meant there was a big sea running, one day the waves were 12/13ft, wonderful to watch from the protection of the flat!

On the Tuesday afternoon, Bridgie and I heard a horn sound, and the lifeguards got everyone out of the water. Very unusual, this, and we just made out the lifeguard call out that they were closing the beach because of Portuguese-man-o-war, (I think you Aussies know them as blue bottles?). They even got all the surfers out which was quite an achievement (though they went back in during the evening once the lifeguards had finished their duty!).

Next morning saw the lifeguard methodically combing the beach (low tide) and he scooped up something and dropped it in the back of his truck. I had to find out what it was, so went down to have a look, and this is what they'd scraped up...

It is only little, about 5" long, but I was very impressed, I may have seen one before but I don't remember it. I had a long chat with the lifeguard who told me he'd spent time in Aus and there, they just put up a warning and carried on as usual! Not on our little beach! Anyway, it was very exciting, and Tim (Uncle) tells me it even made the South West News, as they had been discovered at several places along the Welsh coast.

Pics of our visit to John and Chris next time :-)>


  1. Ah yes, I've often been told that I've got a wonderful assonance.

    But the Gower is a good spot.

    And bluebottles too! Would you believe me if I told you that they are actually a floating colony?

    We see them regularly enough here, but generally not treated as much of a drama. We see By The Wind Sailors too, with their little sails that look as though they are made of plastic.

  2. Enter Bluebottle, waits for audience applause, not a sausage...

    I didn't realise what a pretty blue they are! I've only been stung by the red ones at Boat Harbour but that's enough for me thanks. One stray tentacly thing over the eyelid was nasty!

    What a gorgeous spot though, you lucky things :) Thanks for the updates!

  3. Brings back many lovely memories of the views. No I,ve never seen a Portugese Man of war either.