Thursday, January 28, 2010

Catching up - again!

Hello again! So long since I posted!
I've just returned from Texas and am still a little jet lagged so bear with me if this is not very coherent!

I'll continue the walk blog after this "catch up" post...

Sunrise at Caswell

After I got back from Cornwall I had a couple of trips to Caswell where there were stormy seas, pebble beach surprises and beautiful sunrises.

Pwll Du - a huge pebble bank

This beach is a couple of miles from Caswell, and I always enjoy a walk there. On my final morning of the first of my two visits, I walked around the coast to find that the storms and heavy rain had breached this huge pebble bank. Usually there is a little lake behind the beach, but with the storm, it had overflowed and cut its wasy through the bank. I was amazed and fascinated. I watched for ages as the stream cut its way back into the bank, wishing I could stay to see it cut off its meander!

Bank Breach at Pwll Du

On my second visit two weeks later, part of the new stream was still there, but the bank was back in place and the water disappeared into it and reappeared sea-side.

Keith was away in Madrid (work) and Cyprus (holiday) so I got busy back home. I replaced the glass in the garage window and door - a job that's been waiting to be done for about 2 years! I also insulated the loft with massive rolls of 'space blanket' and boarded part of it.

The Loft insulation waiting at top of the stairs!

We had a lovely Christmas with the family all back from uni, and Meriel coming to stay; we had freezing weather, played lots of games,Sevens

ate lots of lovely food and shared lots of fun.
After this happy time, I packed my bags and flew off for more adventures to sunny(?) Texas. Well, it was sunny, but more of that in next post. I was off to visit the wonderful little family that is Jo, Jac and Marty.

Jac Jo a nd Marty

Here I enjoyed cuddles, dribbles, lovely walks and fabulous food. I met fantastic friends and colleagues, and all in all had a wonderful time. More of this special time in the next post...


  1. Hello Ruthie,
    Welcome back!
    That sunrise is amazing, what a beautiful beach, so different depending on where the tide is. Looking forward to reading more and hope there's more Rooey photos on the way!
    Much love (and we are missing you)
    Jo, Jac and Marty Roo

  2. Hurrah! More posts from Cornwall, the Gower and Bedfordshire. We always enjoy them.

    Alastair & Jeannie

  3. Lovely to have you posting again and those photos are gorgeous (well, except for the last one...)

    We loved having you come to visit, just not sure how pottering around with us is going to make a blog post ;)

    I can't believe you did all that insulating on your own, not to mention buying them and ferrying the darn things home! Very impressive.

    Huge hugs and looking forward to more as always :)