Saturday, February 6, 2010


Well I'm back from Yorkshire and feeling the need to be in one place for a while!

It was lovely to see Meriel and catch up, we looked at all my pics from Texas and had a couple of trips out.
We visited Knaresborough which is really pretty with a river walk, castle etc...
It was pretty cold though!

We also caught up with Gill and Geoff and shared a meal together - Gill and Geoff's shared pudding had to go on the blog!
The licquer coffees, (which we only bought to show off the size of the pudding of course...!) went down a treat too.
Now going to concentrate on being in one place - catching up on missing blog posts and playing golf more regularly.


  1. Anonymous

    Just caught up on the blog after all this time although I'd drooled over the pictures of Marty before Just opened an e-mail from Bridgie saying she had seen me in your blog at Knaresboro' so I just had to satisfy my curiosity and have a peep.

    Anonymous in the guise of Meriel

  2. We'll look forward to those coastal path blogs.

  3. Liqueur coffee eh! Up to your old tricks already, I knew it!

    What a monster dessert, definitely blog worthy.

    Huge hugs to Fav GG from us three. Keep warm, it looks jolly cold.