Monday, August 30, 2010

The moor

Yay!! It's worked ;-) Here's the video of the moors :-)

(Well, it did work - now doesn't seem to... will leave it here in case.)

And here are a couple more Graduation photos!

Keith looks amazingly awake considering his long flight!

I spoke to U Tim yesterday, and we'll probably pick up the walk again in October :-)


  1. Awwww, you all look lovely!
    I think Uncle Keith looks more awake than Tim in that photo!

  2. Must have been windy up there!

    I had to leave Queensland at 3.30 am to get to Jo's graduation, but nothing compared to Keith's marathon! Well done.

    Tim just looks suave!

  3. I know I'm terribly slow to post (I did read the post earlier) but the moors are gorgeous! Was that summer?

    Tim artfully matches the brushed brass background perfectly ;) Congrats Tim!

    Give our love to the family and Fav GG!

    Word verification: aftess - she who posts long after the event...