Friday, January 23, 2009

A hole in one...

I've seen them on tv but never thought I'd see one for real, but yesterday I did! (Not mine unfortunately!) We were playing a pairs match - Jill and I.The 6th hole at Pavenham is about 140 yards,
hitting across a little pond fringed by rocks and with the occasional coot swimming about.
It was windy and we were drying out after persistent rain. I hit a lovely 6 iron on to the green, about 20feet from the hole, and was very pleased with myself - (I'm often in the water or just plain wayward here).
Jill hit a short shot ready for a second to go across the water - then up stepped Anne (one of our opposition).
She hit an amazing shot, we watched it bounce on the green, rise up and hit the flag pole, and drop down the hole. Amazing! Great celebrations!
Needless to say we lost the match, but we kept up the fight till the 16th hole so we were quite pleased.
On a different note, I walked today, (training for The Big Walk), along muddy tracks
and saw my first signs of Spring, Aconites and Snowdrops... lovely!


  1. How exciting! I don't think I've ever even come close to a hole in six.

    The walking training sounds like fun. No disappearing shoes I assume. Maybe that's just a Bridget trick ;)

  2. What a pity Jim (my Dad) isn't around still. He would have loved to swap golfing stories! It's a good game; I like to watch it, but I don't know how you find the time.