Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last Wednesday saw me travelling up th A1 to York for a couple of days with Meriel. The A1 has been improved so much over the last few years that it was a joy to drive on! Gone are the hideous roundabouts and somehow it seems less frenetic than driving up the M1.

It was lovely to see Grandma, we spent many hours (literally!) watching recordings of the kiddies when they were little - I was transferring them from the camcorder, via Meriel's new magic machine, onto dvd. We laughed a lot!

A drip, drip, drip woke Meriel up early on Thursday morning...

... and this was her bedroom ceiling! We started collecting the drips in a bucket!

We explored possible causes and decided that it's likely to be the roof - it should be sorted soon, but until then the bucket has to do!

Today I went out for some more 'training', with a bit more in the rucksac...

and found these wonderful grasses...

... it was cold and snow is forecast for tomorrow and Monday! YAY!!!!

Katy joined me for half of the walk before trialing the new design red nose for Red Nose Day


  1. And very fetching it looks, too!

    Most impressed by the training. I hope the boots fit well and are comfortable.

    (Thinks: must find something to blog; Ruthie's getting ahead).

  2. It was lovely to see Meriel on the blog! No good about her roof though.

    I just love the rucksack photo in the long grass! Gorgeous.