Monday, February 2, 2009


Snow arrived today, just a little to start with, then in abundance. School closed early; no doubt to the joy of the kiddies but also to delight of the staff!
I had another long walk with a fully loaded rucksac... this picture is for Bridgie as it reminded me of her huge rucksac which she had to carry up a mountainside when she went to the Lake District on a school trip...


  1. Oh my! Snow is so magical, it makes everything look completely different. What fun to go out walking in it and then come home to a warm house. Here it's another sunny day in Texas with (sadly) no chance of snow anytime soon!
    We miss you,
    Jose, Jac and Tuesday

  2. Oh wow, so pretty! Part of me is glad it didn't snow when we were with you though.

    That pack looks heavy. I'm impressed by your training!! (and your blogging - see this Alastair, two new posts!)

  3. "It had been snowing for hours. The Hare stood in the garden....." (Little Grey Rabbit's Christmas). I never got quite enough snow as a kid, so I'm deeply envious.

    But there's nothing >happening< here. All so boring.