Monday, February 23, 2009

Clovelly to Hartland Quay 19th Feb

Westward Ho! had been the best night's sleep... this was the worst for me. Outside my window was a very bright lantern, the curtains were thin and the bright white light shone all night... I could read by it! In the morning, after a sleepless night, there was only one thing to do - show Tim the card I'd been carrying for just such an eventuality... (thanks Jac!)

Don't wake the beast...

and show you the offending lantern!

Looks innocent doesn't it!

I felt like throwing things at it at two in the morning when I still hadn't gone to sleep... and when I actuallly did fall asleep, I woke up an hour later - I must have thought it was day... but it was only 4o'clock etc etc. I was not a happy bunny!

However, the sight of breakfast cheered me, and we were soon off again, slipping (literally) over the damp, early morning cobbles out of town!

What a gorgeous walk this turned out to be - we saw Angel's Wings,

and walked out to the most amazing viewing spot, peering over sheer cliffs,

past more wonderful trees...

spotting waterfalls,

and marvelling at the contortions of the cliff faces. It was stunning.

Often on our walk the sociable little robin would flit along in front of us, I managed to click this one!


  1. Bad lantern! I had forgotten that you had that pic with you ::Blush::

    Looks like the next bit of the trail more than made up for the bad sleep...what incredible rock formations! And those trees!

  2. Or could it have been something to do with the celery and stilton soup? Would be a recipe for nightmares for me!

    There used to be a sign on the way into Hartland that said "Hartland - furthest from railways". I guess that was a selling point.

    I've always wanted to walk Hartland Point. One day! Jeannie has been getting the maps out.

  3. you seemed to spend most of your time eating delicious looking breakfasts. Don't know how you found time to walk