Friday, February 27, 2009


Had to post something to get that picture out of the way!

Looking at the South West Coast Path website it seems we've walked about 86 miles, so with the odd diversion or two I guess it's nearer 90. I'm really pleased that we've managed so well so far...and can hardly believe we've walked that far! I've been feeling more tired today than I was straight after the walk so it may be catching up on me.

I popped up to see Meriel on Tuesday and viewed the extent of damage from the leaking roof.
bedroom ceiling
In fact, after much debate, and replacement of some of the lead and worsening of the leak, they discovered it was a leaking pipe which was set in a channel of the concrete roof.

Kitchen ceiling.
By then the water had reached the kitchen ceiling and cupboards, and all down the wall in the bedroom as well as round the windows! It took much effort to correct, but is sorted. Meriel now has to deal with the consequences! She has had a dehumidifier going constantly, and they've thrown out gallons of water, a new carpet will be laid (though she has the excess to pay!), but first it will need redecorating.

I had great fun taking a stanley knife to the carpet, cutting into small sections to put in the bin. It was incredible to find that under the carpet, which by now appeared dry, the underlay was still wet! Anyway, that's all binned now so the room should finish drying out more quickly. It has been a real disruption and nightmare to live with - fingers crossed that the redecorating is done well and quickly so life can return to normal!


  1. Sounds horrible, I'm so glad it'll be sorted soon and fun to redecorate!

    And I liked the photo...I think we'll add it to our screensaver :D

  2. Meriel again. Still feels like a living nightmare. The first 14 days when they were trying to find source of the leek and water was still constantly pouring in was the worst.