Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Food and fire

I was treated, last Friday, to a special meal. Phil had wanted to cook for me for my birthday but because I was away we put it on hold... so Friday was the day. He created a lovely meal of delicious delicate flavours, a Thai beef stir fry - I had eaten half of it before I thought to take a pic!

It was delicious - he is a superb cook - I could barely boil potatoes at his age!

The other main event was a fire at Pavenham golf club last evening. As Katy was taxiing children back from an after school meeting at Sharnbrook Upper to Lincroft, she saw flames and masses of smoke rising from the direction of the golf club, she rang to let me know. Just across the road from here is a little path that runs up the back of several house towards the church so I went up there, and there was a clear view of the fire.

There were several fire engines - at least 5 - and it looked spectacular (not sure if that's quite the right word!) because it was dark. The pictures come from the local radio website (Heart Radio). No reports of anyone injured which is a huge relief.
I guess it was fortunate that it happened at this time of year - because it was almost dark and there would have been noone around.


  1. Oh wow, that fire looks scary. Was that your golf course?

    Dinner looked fab! Well done Phil.

  2. Yep ... my golf club! When we walked down past the church you took a pic of a tree...that was looking onto the golf course. I went and had a look this morning and half of the building is gutted, and I expect what's left standing will be ruined by smoke etc. Very sad, but thankfully no one hurt.

  3. Was it a new building? A club house with bar etc? That will be a blow for a while. Did you have clubs or anything stored there?

    Gotta find something to blog!