Thursday, March 5, 2009

I enjoyed another walk today, over to Sharnbrook but a different way.
It was lovely to see the river flowing fast by Pinchmill Islands,

and I spotted this house which looks as if it should be lived in by someone very rich and famous!!

The walk was about almost eight miles, and with walking yesterday, my legs noticed it. I was glad of the bath when I got back!

Tim and I have marked the 17th March for the beginning of the next stage and we begin again at West Titchberry Farm near Hartland Point. Roll on the 17th!


  1. You exhaust me just thinking about all the walking!

    Is that a lighthouse next to the ultramod house of many angles? Weird combination!

    It looks cold. You should come to Texas and warm up for a while :)

  2. It's surprisingly difficult to do that sort of thing in this country. We have great "wild" walks in national parks and so on, but a "walk in the country" like you describe is almost impossible. Something to do with the historical development of the landscape, I suppose, from a time when most people walked everywhere.