Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stage Two!

Over the last week or so it has been good for the soul to see lighter mornings and evenings - in fact, today it is beautiful - blue sky and bright sun and it's going to be up to 16 degrees :-).

I am so keen to be walking again - Tuesday is the day which, hopefully, will begin with an early train journey to London. It's the exact reverse of the journey I had back; travelling on tube to Paddington, train to Exeter, a little train to Barnstable, and bus to Hartland. Tim is hoping to meet me there about 2.30 and we're going to walk back along that stunning piece of coast to West Titchberry Farm. I haven't had time to do any walking for a week or so, so may find I'm even stiffer this time!

I have managed to reduce the weight in my pack, although it is still a bit heavier than I would ideally like. The cake was such a success last time, that I've made another... (going to give Tim his half to carry this time!!) I would like to take the little flask again but it adds the best part of another pound even when empty!

I have been so relieved this week, to have stopped teaching, because Lincroft has another Ofsted. I've been in to lend a hand with preparation - it's on Weds and Thurs, but it just creates such stress levels - I am so glad to be out of it! Please spare them a thought - especially Phil - also folk like Susan, Katy, Hilary, Paul et al, who you may have met and who have specific areas of responsibility.

It has been good to catch up with Tim - he's been home this weekend, returning to Sheffield today.

Meriel's redecoration work should begin tomorrow.

Here's to the next blog will be from Cornwall!!


  1. Have a good journey. Hope this lovely weather keeps up. Poor Phil in the thick of it.

  2. On the road again... Willie Nelson probably wasn't much good on footpaths.

    Looking forward to enjoying your spring as our autumn sets in.

  3. Safe and happy travels! Great to think of you hitting the road again soon.

    As to the flask, keep and eye out for a Sigg - they're Swiss and just brilliant!