Friday, March 27, 2009

Hartland Point to Speke's Mill 18th March

Wednesday morning was bright and beautiful, with a lovely light and marked shadows. There was no chance of spotting Lundy today though as the visibilty was very poor!

Upright Cliff

The rock formations along this coast are stunning!
Near Dyer's Lookout
Tim took me on a little detour along a beautiful valley path to meet these trees.
Trees near Blackpool Mill
We both wanted to do this part of the walk again as it was so stunning, in fact Tim had walked it in the opposite direction the afternoon before and had discovered these trees then.
After Hartland Quay we were on new ground again and skirted St Catherine's Tor which stands like a pyramid along the coast.
St Catherine's Tor
Our first proper stop for a bite of that brandy-laced cake was at Speke's Mill where this waterfall bounds in big steps down to the beach, and where several surfers were in enjoying the waves.
Speke's Mill Waterfall
Must do some work now to pay for all this tramping over the countryside - more later!!

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