Friday, March 27, 2009

Speke's Mill to Cornakey Farm 18th March

As we trundled on our way from Speke's Mill, Tim spotted Mr Toad here! I awaitBig A's specific indentification :-)

Mr Toad

The path was clearly marked and took us from cliff-top to clifftop. Tim will correct me but I think this was Nabor Point near South Hole.

This picnic table was just perfect and had amazing views in every direction. After another brief stop it was onwards towards Welcombe Mouth. It is really difficult to capture the steep tracks in a photo, but I'll try and include some that give you a little of the idea.

If you look closely you can just spot that picnic table - it seemed miles away from anywhere and was such a welcome surprise!

You can also see that the gorse was out, smelling of butterscotch and/or coconut depending on you nose, and there were primroses, violets, daffodils, and campion amongst others.

Welcombe Mouth

Welcombe Mouth was lovely and one of the few places you could get a car anywhere near to the coast. It was down quite a bumpy track - long may it stay that way! There were some more surfers and sunbathers soaking up the warm sun, and another lovely waterfall tumbling onto the beach. I liked this place.

Welcombe Mouth

Marsland Valley - the border.

On the way down the next valley is Ronald Duncan's hut. A poet who used this as aplace to write - it has the most glorious views.

Ronald Duncan's hut.

We were now nearing the boundary between Devon and Cornwall and I hereby give you permission to laugh ... loudly! Because by this time it was extremely hot, and I could feel myself burning in the sun! I had no floppy hat and decided to improvise. The only thing suitable was my little travel towel... and this was the result...

It was effective... but I doubt it'll catch on as a fashion accessory!

Looking back to Devon

As we looked back to Devon, we could just spot the Writer's Hut on the top of the hill.

Marsland Cliffs and Devil's Hole

There were more wonderful cliffs and then across the valley we could see Cornakey Farm where we were staying that night. We walked across the fields to receive another warm welcome. We had walked about 12 miles and were both a lot happier about our Packs - it certainly made it a lot easier to carry less - even if only a few pounds.

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