Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cornakey to Bude 19th March

We set off on another gorgeous morning, across the fields of Cornakey farm back on to the coast path. It was sunny and warm with a strong easterly wind (very unusual) with the visibilty limited again because of a blanket of haze and cloud out to sea.

This section of the walk saw seven valleys to descend into and climb out of...

... challenging - but much more do-able with our lighter loads.

Tim is an excellent guide - he reads up all about the walk beforehand and feeds me snippets of information as we go. One such was about Rev Hawker - what an interesting character - this is his hut where he spent time writing poetry and sermons and smoking opium.

The hut is built of driftwood and is almost impossible to see from a distance...

and this was his view!

Further on we came to Higher Sharpnose point, which Tim walked out to ...

... and if only you could see it... his sense of humour is reflected in his pose!

Our walk took us on past the huge 'Composite Signals Organisation Station' at Cleave Camp - around Lower Sharpnose Point

and on to Duckpool.


We were nearing Bude by now and were meeting more people out enjoying the wonderful sunshine. It certainly was a beautiful day.

These parts however, where people were nearby, were not my favourite I must admit. I simply love the wild and rugged parts which are usually devoid of any human hand (bar the pathway!).

Bude has an amazing outdoor sea pool

and these pretty spring flowers planted randomly around giving a lovely scent on the warm breeze.

We were both a little tired and sat and ate pasties in a little park area, followed by tea in a lovely cafe called Ripe Coffee Lounge then off to Teeside to our B&B. Tim had booked this comfy B&B for us which would be ideal for a golfing holiday!


  1. Meriel says - Interesting views. Lovely bit about Rev Hawker and he certainly had some view! Wonder what his sermons were like?

  2. Been having problems with posting messages, but this should work. Wonderful pictures and what great weather you had. Good to be in touch.
    Love Jeannie