Saturday, April 18, 2009

Crackington Haven to Boscastle 21st March

Tim and Margaret

What a lovely time we had with Margaret; I'm not sure where to start. Her care for us ranged from supplying sun cream to turning out her walking poles! We were also given a lovely, lively, tail-wagging reception from Bonnie, Margeret's dog, who became very attached to Tim.


We sat and talked with Margaret as old friends do, I enjoyed a bath and discovered how sunburnt I was... quite a shock when I looked in the mirror and saw a puce face staring back at me!

We had been advised by Jeannie and Alastair, and several walkers we met on the path, to consider using walking poles. I had tried them a few years ago when a group of us from school had tackled our own version of the Three Peaks challenge and I had found them a nuisance; however, we talked about them with Margaret and she turned out her own set. After a demonstration of how they should be used Tim went off to practice in the hallway... highly entertaining... but he began to master the art.

We had had a long walk that day, and Tim was anxious about the next stage of the path because the guide said how dangerous it can be because the path is not always well defined and crosses shale/slate areas which can be very unstable. Margaret was willing to let us stay a second night so we decided to go just as far as Boscastle over High Cliff, and catch the bus back and also to take the walking poles with us the next day to try them out.

Crackington Haven

Next morning, liberally smothered in Margeret's suncream, and under one or her hats (me - Tim had his own!), we set off with less to carry, but with the walking poles for Tim to try.

The weather was stunning again and we set off towards Crackington Haven via a woodland path which had lovely views of the coast. Back on the coast path the warmth had brought out this little chap...

and soon we were heading for High Cliff - over 700 feet.

The colour of the sea was stunning and we even spotted seals! Tim got on well with the poles and felt that once he'd got the hang of them they helped his walking.


I must admit that all the sun of yesterday had taken its toll on me and I felt queasy most of the day, but it couldn't mar the glorious sights.

During our first stage of the walk, on our way to Woolacombe, Tim had painfully jarred his knee; now it was my turn - though not jarred. My knees click quite often but with no apparent consequence, especially after about 5 miles, but this time my left knee clicked with a sharp pain and I walked on warily for the rest of the day. I was glad we only had a short walk that day.

We have had many different ways of crossing hedges... here are a couple of the more interesting ones...

Whilst walking this part of the cliff, Tim suddenly called to me, and four swallows flew past going north!

We arrived in Boscastle and it was like a summer's day with folk strolling round happily in tee shirts, families playing and sitting in the sun.

We decided soup was called for, and once again we were treated to a delicious soup and roll. Whilst we were eating, a sea mist had rolled in, so when we emerged from the cafe we were greeted by an eeirie atmosphere with folk standing around in groups staring up at the sky. The temperature had dropped and it was chilly. The warm summer's day had gone and people soon disappeared too.

We caught the bus back to Margaret's chatting to a charming couple who we had met several times on the path.


  1. My little taste of the Path around Padstow gave me some idea of your activities, but it looks as though the coast up there is more challenging walking. Stick to it!

  2. Meriel says - wonder if the walking poles would help me!

  3. Meriel wishes to make a further comment about Sharpnose Point on your walk. She recommends you should read "The wreck at Sharpnose Point" by Jeremy Seal - A Victorian Mystery - published by Picador @ £7.99 (UK). I came across it quite by chance since you were there and found it fascinating with little maps and scenic descriptions of the coastline.

  4. Whoo I'm finally catching up. I love your photos and that fog looked amazing!