Friday, April 10, 2009

Bude to Crackington Haven 20th March

After another excellent night's sleep and delicious breakfast, we set off at our usual time along by the golf course and into the town. We called into Ripe again to pick up a baguette for our lunch,

and then crossed the canal to set off along the cliff path.

This area was very attractive.

We had absolutely glorious weather again, not the wild wind and crashing seas that we had expected ~ we were being spoilt ~ Tim is wondering if there will be 'payback time' at some point! I'm hopeful we're just being well looked after :-)!

The path from Bude to Widemouth Bay I found a little to close to civilisation, but from there on it became ours again. The geology of this part of the coast is stunning. As a schoolgirl I came to Millook Beach on a Geography trip to marvel at the strata...

and it really is amazing!

Millook Beach

We passed along through Dizzard Wood with its ancient dwark oaks,

and up and down a few more of these!

This is wonderful walking and despite fears for the path because it is shale and in wet conditions is extremely slippery, we had a marvellous walk to Crackington Haven and arrived hot, tired and in need of refreshment.

I loved this water trough in the roadside hedge as we walked into Crackington...
...especially this part of the engraving :-)

We didn't sup the water but filled up with a cream tea then headed up the valley towards Higher Crackington to find our bed for the night ~ a home from home with Margaret.

Some places we remember by the name of the village, others by the name of the farm or house name, but one or two special ones we remember by our host's name, so this is Margaret's.


  1. You certainly had wonderful weather again for these walks.
    Are you home now? Alastair is in Wadebridge and did the Camel walk yesterday. Love the pics.
    Love jeannie

  2. you are welcome back anytime :) Margaret

  3. I thought you would have been in Padstow by now! I've been looking for the prints of those Size 15s everywhere. I had some lovely days based in Wadebridge; cycled the Camel Trail in both directions and then did some walking at each end.

    You can look for my delicate little Size 8s on Pentire Point and across the estuary on Stepper Point.

    I'll get some blog pics up when I get home. Right now I'm killing time in Heathrow, waiting for a 10.00pm plane.

  4. I want to try some of this "cream tea" that you and Alastair keep sounds delicious!