Sunday, May 10, 2009

May 10th


I know it's ages since my last post but I've been away for a couple or weeks in South Wales on the Gower Peninsula in a little flat with a big view!
View from inside the flat.

I took Tim back to Sheffield on the Friday and went on up to Meriel's where I stayed overnight. Her water-leak nightmare is over, and the bedroom looks lovely with new carpet and redecorated walls and ceiling, and the kitchen too.

The newly decorated bedroom.

When you open the front door there is that lovely smell of new carpet.

After a visit to Thomas the bakers (excellent fruit loaf and ham and pineapple ciabatta breads), we set off for Caswell - 270 miles away. We stopped a few times and arrived about 5 o'clock to a high tide and really stormy seas.

The view from the flat is amazing, hours disappear as you sit and absorb the comings and goings of tide and people on the beach. It is a very special place.

It has one of the biggest tidal ranges in the world, and is a gorgeous beach when the tide is out with masses of space to play!

Caswell Bay


  1. What a beautiful view, I can imagine spending hours looking out at the sea from that window . . . gosh I miss the sea! Jac and I dream of living near water again one day.
    Thanks for the update,
    Jose, Jac and Tuesday

  2. Great spot! Rhossili Down is nice too. I surfed there years ago with Roger Withers my best man, sadly now deceased. He did his PhD project at Caswell or one of those Gower beaches.

  3. Hi lovely, I am miles behind but am planning to catch up today. Blame work I say!! Great to see you posting lots tho

  4. Anonymous said in her guise as Meriel
    What lovely memories are brought back. The colours in the pictures are so realistic. You didn't mention the spooky caves or me on the back of some animal or other!

  5. Ooh what a lovely spot! That tidal range is impressive and a little scary! So glad Meriel's house is all fixed and looking good.