Friday, February 13, 2009

Minehead to Porlock 11th/12th Feb

Our first day walking was lovely, you can see from the pics what the weather was like,

we arrived fairly tired at Porlock after wandering through beautiful woods with many trees blocking the path - the result of all the recent snow,

and stunning views,

and amazing buildings.

There were streams running where streams don't usually and we had to cross several, improvising all the way.

When we rang the bell of the Sea View and had the most lovely welcome "That must be Ruth" came through the door, and we were welcomed into Gill and Tony's lovely home from home.We really felt part of the family and were so snug and comfy.

Next day, after a delicious breakfast where we sampled Gill's scrumptious homemade marmalades (the plum and greengage was my favourite!),

we set off for Porlock Weir and then round the coast to Lynmouth.
This is the beginning of this section of the path and it took us through glorious woods (many fallen trees blocking the path... you'll notice a theme!).


  1. Those views are amazing, and your breakfast made me really hungry, especially the preserves!

  2. You'll have to contact Ben Fogle o do a trip roundthe woods - some of it looks EXSTREAM!!! ENOUGH FOR HIM