Sunday, February 22, 2009

Combe Martin to Woolacombe 15th Feb

What a beautiful day this was - for me it was the best so far, walking in completely new places. We set off just after 9, we had got into a routine with breakfast at about 8 each morning, and setting off around 9-ish!

We spotted fulmars in this bay for Alastair and Jean;

We passed this beautiful creek;

the tide was in so we had to walk on the road, but if you look carefully you can just see the footpath sign!

I loved the harbour master's office :-)

These guys were out training and seemed to have more than enough energy to move rapidly over the sea, the water was quite still, with just a gentle swell.

We arrived in Ilfracombe at about 12.30 and bought pasties from another lovely home-cooking cafe. Tim climbed to the top of Capstone, but I rested my legs for a few minutes! From here on it was all new to me, and so beautiful.

By the time we descended into another place called Lee we were feeling tired, (the descents always proved difficult - especially if on a road!) and in retrospect, it would have been far enough for that day. But onwards we went because of our B&B booking and walked the most beautiful coast path. This is an area I want to revisit and explore properly.

Just as we walked this part Tim jarred his knee, twisting it. It was very painful initially, but eased as he went on; it made me wonder if we would be able to reach Morte Point or perhaps we should miss this part of the walk. As I was scrambling up a steep incline my phone rang, and it was Jan, our next B&B host, and she offered to come and pick us up if we needed it, from wherever we got to. This was fantastic and it meant the we actually managed the whole walk because we knew we could stop if necessary.

Morte Point

Morte Point was fascinating, and must be amazing in a big sea, you could see the currents fighting with each other even when it was so calm. We were so pleased to reach Woolacombe and spotted hang gliders over the dunes.

This was such a beautiful, beautiful day, but rewarded with agony! At times, as I was walking, I would say to myself "You're not in pain, you're just tired!" which was true, but the pain came later. It was hard to sleep, and we decided next day we would have a proper rest day. Tim did his washing and we stayed around the B&B, and in my case slept during the day. This is a learning process, and it's about distance, and weight of pack and enjoyment. This walk was wonderful but too far, and we need to be more realistic about what we tackle.


  1. Whoa! That was a long walk. The trouble with any sort of one-way trip is that you don't get time to settle and explore anywhere. Good idea to build in some rest days in nice places.

    We went to a "young marrieds" conference in Ilfracombe many years ago, in a vast and draughty hotel somewhere on the cliffs.

    Thanks for the fulmars.

  2. Never been to this part of the world. Wish I was 30 years younger. Meriel