Thursday, February 26, 2009

Clovelly to Hartland Quay 19th Feb

Just to prove we were both still there!

I left you on the path to Hartland with the robin, well this was one of the most beautiful parts of the walk - the cliff formations are a Geographer's dream, Tim had been spotting raised beaches and hanging valleys for days... now it was my turn to enthuse over the contorted strata!

Hartland Point is the home to a very large golf ball - it did cross my mind to see if I could get Tim to stand with a stick in hand as if he was teeing off to Lundy... but unfortunately (or fortunately!!) no appropriate sticks came to hand - his baby umbrella just didn't have the right look!

Lundy is about 12 miles off the Hartland Point and there was this little poem that we enjoyed..

... and this is what we saw...

After we had reached the headland and seen the lighthouse (land slips on the road meant that access to the lighthouse itself is barred), we headed for our B&B at West Titchberry Farm .

Yvonne made us so welcome and after a cup of tea and delicious home-made cake, sent us off to walk to Hartland Quay without our packs.

It's about 3 miles and it was getting near to sunset so we had to get a move on ... but what was wonderful was that we could go so quickly. We came to some steep steps up a cliff and Tim said "You go first 'cos you're a bit quicker than me." Off I went and couldn't believe that I was at the top so quickly. I turned round expecting to see Tim far below... and he was right behind me! Not carrying our packs had freed us and we were amazed at the difference. Carrying about 2stone extra weight really slows you down! This gave us food for thought.

The views were another delight, and really warrant far more time. we were astounded at how far we could see.

If this pic will open for you... have a look at the coastline, see it disappear, and then to the right of the patch of sunshine, see if you can spot what looks like an island. Tim said immediately that it was the Penwith Peninsula - beyond St Ives. After studying it closely, and looking at maps and Google earth I'm certain he's right. An absolutely incredible view.

Yvonne kindly came and picked us up from Hartland Quay, and we returned for soup and a bath(me)!

It had been such a fabulous day, and after some thought Tim and I decided that this was the place to stop. Yvonne had tried to arrange our next stop for us but all the B&Bs were full and we were faced with 15 miles to Bude with very difficult walking. The decision became easy. Yvonne dropped us off in Hartland itself next morning and we were homeward bound.

The plan is that we meet back at Yvonne's and take up the path from Hartland Quay. I'm hoping it's not too long before we begin again - with streamlined rucksacs!


  1. (google is having weird signin problems again...gack)

    You guys look fabulous! So healthy!

    It's a bugger that some of the files won't open to a larger image. What size (in kb) are the original files that you're uploading? I wish I could work out what the bug is!

  2. Wonderfully wild coast, and such good views of Lundy.

    Could you really see Penwith? That's a >long< way. But I guess if you were high up....

    And Jeannie wondered whether you have considered walking poles? We are converts. They just give a bit more stability for the pre-geriatrics, and the push-off helps you along. We just use one each. And as every small boy knows, a stick is a good thing to have. You can poke things with it, and beat down nettles.