Friday, February 13, 2009

Minehead:The start! 10th/11th Feb

Time to catch up... this is the first opportunity to blog... i'll see how I get on but will probably tell the story in pictures... I cannot describe the aching legs!

Anyway, both Tim and I had rather delayed train journeys but we met up as planned at Taunton and then had a fun bus ride to Minehaed. We had our tea at the Market Cafe with Carole who was a very warm and caring host.

Then on to the Youth Hostel, about a two mile walk in the dark. We had a great breakfast next morning and were well set up for the beginning of the walk.

There is a wonderful statue at the start showing hands holding a map,
then we were off... just a couple of pics to show you how wonderful it was!

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  1. Wow Ruthie, what a great start! That photo of the tree is just gorgeous!