Monday, February 23, 2009

Westward Ho! to Clovelley 18th Feb

We passed through Buck's Mill, another quaint little place and headed on for Clovelly,

through wooded areas - this tree is simply amazing -

and on till we glimpsed Clovelly far below us.

This part of the walk is along Hobby Drive which gently winds its way down to the top of the village, and it is for most people, a gentle stroll, but both of us found this walking difficult. Downhill, on solid roads, even when a fairly gentle incline, was knee-achingly hard.

Tim stretched further and further away into the distance as I stumbled along behind - my excuse was taking pictures... but I actually found it tough going.

However, we arrived in Clovelly and were pleased to find our next abode DonkeyShoe Cottage.

DonkeyShoe Cottage

The cobbled street is very steep and you have to tread carefully as it becomes very slippery in the slightest damp.

After we dropped our packs at the B&B we headed down to the quay and had a Devonshire Cream tea, which was yummy, and after, as we walked on the quayside, spotted a porpoise! Fantastic, and 'early' according to the locals.
There was also another lime kiln, and this lovely explanation (you will be tested on this at the end of the walk!)

Again we ate a delicious celery and stilton soup (I have the recipe!) at The New Inn, and then headed for bed.


  1. Wow, so steep and so gorgeous! I think I would definitely have been at risk of "sitting down" trying to walk those cobbled streets.

    But celery and stilton soup? So worth it!

  2. Me again.

    I just got to the end of all the recent posts and I have to say, what a fabulous adventure! Great photos, lovely stories - thanks for taking us all with you.

    You both looked incredibly radiant in all the photos, bone tired or otherwise.

  3. Aren't they all supposed to be Spanish in Bucks Mills? Blame the Spanish Armada, or sailors tired of sailing.

    And Clovelly out of season would have been nice.

  4. Do donkeys really have shoes? Meriel

  5. Enjoyed looking at the pictures agsin on Ruthie's computer this morning. Lovely to have verbal commentary with it. Now she is on her way back home (ar) I have been re-running through the blog on my computer just to prove to both of us I still can. For some reason I seemed to have been re-named "anonymous", but I'm still Meriel or grandma or the old girl