Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lynmouth to Heddon Valley 13th Feb

Hi , its Tim at the controls this time so take me gently!

Last evening Maslow's hierarchy of needs kicked in and we felt a quest for subantial healthy food was on. One hundred yards down the road was a bistro where Yolande and Steve were open for the first night of the season.

Yolande is Dutch and met Steve when he worked in Holland. A nice connection for me as I have some Dutch friends. Ruth and I opted for the vegetarian option and I sample the local Exmoor brew, "an excellent choice if I might say so".

Meanwhile back to the plot: Friday morning finds us in Lynton Harbour where we are startled by the rise and fall of the sea even an hour after high tide and there is a sturdy harbour wall.

Only council staff and delivery vans seem to be about at 9.30 a.m. as we head to The Valley of the Rocks ( other websites are available)....where we saw the goats. No, I am not kidding.
After a brief march on roads, a short cut through a copse soon has me bewildered as to our destination.

Steady walking in cool conditions and rising all the time eventually brings us to the dramatic Heddon's Mouth with its treacherous rocks and former harbour. The keen-eyed industrial archaeologists out there will recognise the lime kilns on the shoreline. Lime and coal was imported from Wales across the Bristol Channel.

And its time to head inland to The Hunters Inn and a prearranged lift. I expect you could tell we were like unburdened characters from a Bunyan allegory today.


  1. Hi Guys,

    We spent our honeymoon at Heddons Mouth so know that bit of coast well.
    You are covering a lot of ground each day,you must be fit. Wish I could walk some of the way with you.
    Love Jeannie

  2. Just catching up during a day in port. What a great walk! I remember Culbone Church. We bought Frances something from the pottery nearby. I've always wanted to walk that coast. And Heddons Gate, of course. It was warm and full of flowering gorse (and adders!) when we were there.

    Looking forward to next instalment.

  3. Oooh! A guest post from Uncle Tim? It's great to hear more of your adventures and see the photos. As for the baby goat . . . it was too sweet! Jac and I wish we could walk some of the way with you too. Although I'm more keen for the walking and Jac is more keen on the eating at the end of the walking!
    All love,
    J and J (& T)

  4. Hi Tim and Ruth,

    Greetings from Mark (the marine!). Nice to meet you the other day. Hope the weather holds for the rest of your walk.
    Have fun.