Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heddon's Mouth to Combe Martin 14th Feb

I'm going back a little... when your legs, hips, feet and particularly knees, ache, a bath is a wonderful thing! At lynmouth we stayed at the River Lyn View where Carol and Ray, (who also run a taxi service), looked after us like family... the en suite bath was a godsend. It, and a wonderful comfy bed, helped the aching limbs. Talking with Ray and Carol, and with Yolande and Steve over our evening meal, we decided to split the trip to Combe Martin into two and Ray collected us at Heddon's Mouth on Friday,(Tim's written about that section), and then he dropped us off there again next morning for us to continue our walk. We saw three red deer on the way, we had seen one the day before, so counted ourselves lucky. We set off after another lovely breakfast,
Carol and Tim
and faced the prospect of tackling Great Hangman. This is, (Tim will correct me!), the highest point on the walk and was the main reason for splitting the section into two.
Great Hangman
In fact, the climb up it was fairly gentle once we had cracked the first part... which was steep!
Tim decided to risk the stones of the cairn... (he tells me this is his better side)
... I decided discretion was the better part etc, and concentrated on the view! (I don't have a better side!)
Looking back
We then headed down past Little Hangman to Combe Martin where we discovered a wonderful, and I do mean wonderful coffee shop!


  1. The Great Hangman! Why is it called that? I've always wondered. But it does give its name to the Hangman Grits, which must be the rocks that Tim was standing on.

    Such a good story and so many posts! It will take my whole lunch hour.

  2. I love the photo of Tim on the cairn :) And what a breakfast!