Tuesday, February 3, 2009

and more...

Snow pics are so lovely... here are some more from today's walk;

the weather was absolutely glorious - I set out at 8.30 and walked to Odell, then around Harrold Country Park.

I chuckled at the "no swimming" sign!

Then I walked across the River meadows and they were stunning.
The River Meadows

I walked about 11 miles today (about 10 yesterday) but having a rest day tomorrow, hoping to bake a cake!
This is a deserted barn with an amazing view!


  1. Wow these are incredible photos! I really need to get into the code of your blog and work out why we can't see the bigger pics.


    And cake photos too please!

  2. These photos gave me some cheer this evening Ruth. I am waiting in eager anticipation for the next instalment.
    The 's'ick lady x.x.

  3. Beautiful photos Ruthie, I love the snow too. You must be fit, just eleven miles today!

    Love jeannie