Sunday, June 7, 2009

At home

Since I got back from Wales I've thrown myself into the gardening, I took this picture a while back but you can see what's going on... and I've begun digging next to the fence because I have no room for the runner beans otherwise!

Mangetout, red onions, potatoes,leeks and sweetcorn seem to be doing well :-).

The only problem I've had is with the raspberry canes... only 5 have sprouted, I need to talk to them at the garden centre as that's poor return on 20 canes!

Other than the garden, I've been playing a lot of golf, still nowhere near my old handicap but it's lovely to be playing.

Also helped Katy with her back garden, she had a weird gravel 'patio-square' that was just awful so we took it out...

.. there was masses of small gravel, then a barrier matting underneath.The ground beneath was as smooth as concrete. We began filling up a huge builder's bag with the pebbles - then realised we wouldn't be able to shift it! Instead we used little bags to transfer it to the pathway at the side of the house and laid it along the edge of the path and around the herbs.

Laying the turf was great fun as more helpers were on hand - Paula and Alan offered to help - not sure they realised quite what was in store! Alan dug over the 'concrete' soil, we all picked out stones...

then came the turf laying...

... only to find that someone hadn't done their Maths correctly(!!!!) and we were one turf short.

Anyway - we put that right the following day. I'll put in a pic of the completed grass at some point.

However, all the golf and gardening has taken its toll, I began to feel extra tired at the beginning of half-term week, and by this Thursday was aching all over again. So I've spent the last two days resting completely in the hope that I can catch it before it gets too bad.


  1. Hello Ruthie,
    Your veggie garden is looking great. Jac misses having a garden so much! I remember how much hard work it was! But it's lovely to be able to grow your own food!
    You take care of yourself and rest as much as you need, we want you fighting fit and ready for more adventures!
    Jose, Jac and Baby Tango

  2. Hi Ruthie,

    Your garden is looking great but make sure you're getting plenty of rest! You need a comfy lounge chair out on the lawn so you can rest AND get some more vitamin D.

    Katy's lawn looks much better! I'm really hoping it wasn't Katy who did the math on the turf tho...

    Huge hugs-


  3. Looks great! Both the veggies and the lawn.

    Now, how many teachers does it take to calculate the area of a lawn??

    (Don't worry. Whenever I do that sort of thing I get this feeling, deep down inside, that however much I calculate it's going to come out wrong!)

  4. Vegie garden is looking good. I remember there was a lot of ground ivy(?) along the fence line. Pity about the raspberries, they don't like wet feet. Our last lot did not all take, but we used those that had to give us extra plants when they had got established.It is chilly here now but I have lots of narcissus, jonquils, leucojohns, hellebores & camelias in flower.

    Love Jeannie

  5. It doesn't look a small patch to me - your soil looks a better colour than my pembrokeshire clay - and did i spot manure as well - good work - want any caterpillars btw as a memento of your day at Rhiw-Las- still plenty around despite our massacre