Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Boscatle to Tintagel March 22nd

I have Wimbledon on the tele, it is blisteringly hot, and have done nothing all day, so, guilt prompted, I've decided I really should finish writing about the last stages of our Coast Path walk!

So come with me back to Margaret's at Crackington Haven. She had offered us such a haven of rest - I loved the bed I slept on - a futon that seemed to wrap its arms around me so cosily, so after a good sleep and another good breakfast, Margaret took us back to Boscastle to continue our walk. We will definitely come back to Margaret's, we feel like she's part of our family.

We set off along the cliff path at Boscastle in beautiful sunshine,

Blowhole at Boscastle.

the blowhole was very active and we had glorious views to see and colours to enjoy.

We took it at a very leisurely pace, and had a lovely walk via Ladies window

and valley of the rocks where a stream tumbles down a narrow valley and crashes into the sea.

We walked on to Tintagel where we had more delicious soup at Tintagel castle, (celery and apple) another cream tea :-) and some wonderful fudge from Granny Wobbly's Shop...definitely worth a visit.


  1. Brilliant to have you back! Granny Wobbly's sounds like it's worth a visit. The blowhole photo made me want t go swimming, but probably not there...

  2. What an amazing coast. You had such good weather, good accommodation, good food and good company, what more does anyone want! Enjoy the tennis, it's on way past my bedtime.
    xx Jeannie

  3. Jeannie's bedtime is about 7.30 these days!

    Great to see the rest of the walk.