Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tintagel to Port Isaac March 23rd

Our Bed and Breakfast in Tintagel was lovely, and we were treated to another scrumptious breakfast, from Julie and Keith - another place we'd happily recommend :-)

I have to mention the fudge shop again because it was so gorgeous! The pic below is dark, but worth including to see the guy, Tim, working on the fudge on his marble slab

- try this link to see him in action... it's a pity you can't smell it because it is wonderful!

We walked on along the cliff, by the youth hostel (closed again - as have been most of them - we were too early in the year!) and along the slate cliffs which have been quarried leaving fascinating shapes and sometimes dangerous paths to walk on.

We descended into Trebarwith Strand which we visited a lot one summer when we rented a cottage nearby and it was our nearest beach.

From Trebarwith you climb the cliff path to about 300' and drop back down to sea level almost imediately - there were 6 more of these to do before we'd finish the day!

These descents into gullies with little streams tumbling into the sea were wonderful and felt completely away from it all. Places you want to explore with a rug and hamper to help!

The guide books repeatedly warned how dangerous these paths can be, especially in the wet, so were were very lucky to have such fabulous weather and be dry underfoot on the slate/shale. It was easy to see how tricky this path might be but we navigated our way safely.

This was one spot I stopped at for some time, just watching the sea.

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  1. I like the look of concentration on the photographer's face in the fudge shop. I notice that fudge shops are becoming a bit of a theme. Of course you need the energy.....