Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tintagel to Port Isaac March 23rd

To complete the first stage... along the edge of one path huge slates had been stood on end as a boundary,

natural flaws in them had left holes... I couldn't resist experimenting!

The path took us on to Port Gaverne (not pronounced with a hard 'a' as we had always said it as children, but with a soft 'a' as in 'gave') and round to Port Isaac which, with its narrow streets was as charming as ever, but would be a nightmare in the summer!

We found a little cafe for some more sustainance... pity this wasn't real!

Our B&B was some way out of Port Isaac so we were picked up in the car park and whisked off to our final, for Tim, overnight stay.

Here is a little look back at one of the 7 valleys we crossed between Trebarwith Strand and Port Gaverne to give you a taste of the size of the valleys and the type of path, although the steepness is lost as you look down to Tim and follow the path back up to my feet!

Our final day's walk took us on mostly familiar ground from Port Isaac to Padstow - it was beautiful, sunny and very windy.


  1. Gorgeous photos and usual Ruthie but I LOVE the one through the slate hole!

  2. These are places I remember from family holidays years ago. It's a wonderful coast.