Friday, July 17, 2009


Thought it was time to post again!

Today was Phil's final day at Lincroft and the students and staff gave him some lovely things. Some took such time and care... this cake was made by one of the girls he taught...

He is starting a 'Teaching English as a Foreign Language' course in two weeks, which lasts all of August. He's then hoping to go abroad - probably Indonesia, to work.

Some of you know about The Ashes tour...

...well the women play too, and Katy and I went to watch their fourth one day match which was very exciting. England won on the last ball of the match! :-) I will say no more!

Thought you maight like to see the progress in Katy's garden too...

She is very pleased with it - it is looking really lovely.


  1. Good for Philip! If he gets any further south than Indonesia, you know who to call!

    Ashes tour?? What's that?

  2. Hi there! What a cake, definitely wins over our Christmas zombie diorama. Keep us posted on his future plans, sounds very exciting.
    lots of my friends went to Japan to teach English and had an incredible time.

    Oh and Katy's garden is looking lovely!

  3. Anonymous in the form of Meriel says "Is there something special about Katy's garden or did I miss something"? Lovely to hear Phil's news - I guess he's getting excited now.


  4. Must be time for a Katy's garden update surely...

    Hugs to all!